Sending a custom welcome email to your Community Members

This tutorial will help you use Ensemble Chat’s webbooks functionality with Mailerlite, in order to send a custom welcome email to newly joined members

Setting Up a Subscribers Group in Mailerlite

Connect MailerLite with your Community on Ensemble

Content-Type: application/json
X-MailerLite-ApiKey: YOURAPIKEY
"subscribers": [{
"email": "%email%",
"fields": {
"name": "%username%",
"country": "%country%"
A few notes: You can create another workflow automation for when a member leaves your Ensemble Community. This is great when you want minimize churn and enhance membership reactivation.MailerLite will handle sending out emails to your added subscribers. If you face any mail delivery issues I’d suggest contacting MailerLite support directly. They’re responding pretty fast and are very helpful.